OZ Vega center caps Octagon nut – M280 + M139

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OZ Vega center caps Octagon nut – M280 + M139

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These wheel center caps are popular center caps for OZ racing Vega aluminum rims. Vega wheels are great fit for classic 80’s and 90’s cars as well as youngtimers made around 2000’s. The hubcap consist of 2 parts with part no: M280 + M139 with total outer diameter 166 mm. They are the dense mesh / little mesh version of Vega hubcaps. There is also a large mesh / BBS looks OZ Vega cap available at our shop. Hubcaps are bolt on type and they can be easily attached with countersink allen bolt that provides quick and secure mounting. Plates are made of plastic.

Compatible with different OZ Racing Wheels

Compatible with 52 mm diameter OZ emblems

Diameter = 166 mm

Parts included:

-center cap assembly – 1 piece (set for 1 wheel) or 4 pcs (set for 4 wheels) depending on option


Material: plastic

Color matching required


Emblems are  sold separately

Lead time: 1-2 days

Not sure if part fits your classic BMW? Sent us a question!

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