Custom Parts For German Classic Cars

Rebuilding custom NLA and rare classic parts for Volkswagen, Mercedes and BMW old-timer enthusiasts


Re-Production of Rare Parts

If you own a classic car, you know how frustrating is it when one of old plastic parts break in the middle of the rebuild. The situation gets even worse if it is one of hard to find parts that are no longer stocked at part stores.
Mod-ing vision is to provide all rare and no longer available parts for your German (BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Porsche…) classic cars, no matter at what part of the globe you are. Using modern production technologies and combination of traditional and innovative approach we are designing and manufacturing parts locally here Europe. We are located in the capital of Croatia (EU) – Zagreb.

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Part Manufacturing Process

Each part’s journey starts with design of the digital computer model. We are using Autodesk engineering software in order to make CAD models which can later be used for simulation, production and inspection of the manufactured part. For more complex parts such as wheel center caps or vehicle trim parts 3D scanner is used to capture exact geometry in order to ensure perfect fit. After the design phase the best fitting production method for the parts is chosen. We are using different manufacturing processes from CNC milling, laser cutting, sheet metal forming,  spring forming, injection molding, resin casting and additive technologies. Generally, for small production series and customized products we are using filament, resin and powder 3D printing

What our customers say

Seller was amazing in communication and help! Product is 3D printed – but quality looks very ok to me! Fitment is also very good! I am happy with my purchase 🙂 ?


Delivery took a bit, parcel was a bit damaged but thankfully caps arrived well packed and undamaged. I’ve tried fitting center caps yesterday to my RS wheels, they match well the wheels. I know few guys that might need a set, I’ll recommend you.


Received part in 10 days from order. Seat trim fit my e30 well. Mounting clips for the m technic trim also holds well, installed without much hassle.


Part NLA? Better call Mod-ing

VW, BMW and Mercedes old-timer spare parts are in the focus of our product development. Each week we are designing and testing new parts to provide wider range of products for making your German classic car shine like brand new. We have created several hundred different no longer available car parts but we still have a long way ahead of us until we are able to create the ultimate catalogue that consists of all missing parts for German classics. If you require a missing part for any German classic vehicle let us know by sending us a message or an email. We are looking forward to hear which parts are needed and how we can better help classic car enthusiasts like you! 

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Technology Development

In order to provide the best possible spare part quality for your car builds, we are always looking for a way to make the parts faster, more reliable and in the end more affordable! On that mission we have joined forces with University of Zagreb in order to develop novel, more efficient production methods. This has resulted in Streamlined Part Reproduction (SPR) and Additive Coating Process (ACP), two innovative production processes that allow us to create new car parts faster and provide unmatched surface finishes of our interior trim products.


We have upgraded aluminum BBS Style 5 center caps in order to create the best possible experience for you. New revision allows mix and matching with OEM BBS wheel cover parts and provides even more reliable hubcap attachment to the wheel center hole!


Follow us for news from the Mod-ing workshop and new projects. Also feel free to drop us a DM with any question or suggestion for new products and making our existing products even better.