BBS RZ aluminium center caps – 14″ hubcaps set

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BBS RZ aluminium center caps – 14″ hubcaps set

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BBS RZ are great classic wheels for your classic 80s and 90s car build. BBS RZ aluminium center caps makes the classic RZ wheels looks like brand new. Hubcaps consists of 3 pieces: waffle plate, center hex and locking mechanism are easy to assemble and disassemble for installation and color matching. They are made from same material as OEM BBS hard to find center caps: waffle plate is aluminum and center hexagon nut and locking are made from plastic. They also have metal spring ring on the bottom of hexagon (same as OEM) that allows flexibility and reliable locking and unlocking. Locking mechanism is twist to lock (rotate the hexagon in order to spread the lock ring and clip the hubcap to the wheel).

Compatible with 14″ 4×100 Style 5 wheels (eurobaskets)

Diameter = 151mm

Parts included:

-center cap assembly – 1 piece (set for 1 wheel) or 4 pcs (set for 4 wheels) depending on option


Original part no. 36 13 2 225 622

Material: waffle plate aluminium, hexagon and central locking plastic

Color matching required

NOT POSSIBLE TO mix and match with OEM center cap parts!

Compatible with standard size BMW logo 70mm (36136758569):

Lead time: 1-2 days

Not sure if part fits your classic BMW? Sent us a question!

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