Front brake rotor splash shield – BMW E30

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Front brake rotor splash shield – BMW E30

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Front Brake Rotor Splash Shield Set is made for the BMW E30. Over time, these shields tend to succumb to rust, making it highly advantageous to swap them out with this set of pristine replacements.

These shields are compatible with all E30 models, excluding the M3 variant.

Rest assured, these aftermarket parts are entirely new, ensuring optimal functionality and performance. As for installation, they are affixed to the front upright using a few bolts, just as the original shields were intended.

These shields impeccably fit any E30 model manufactured between 1982 and 1994, barring the M3 variant. By opting for this set, you can confidently maintain the structural integrity of your vehicle while safeguarding the front brake rotors from undesirable elements.

Part numbers:

right side: 34 11 1 154 242 , 34111154242

left side: 34 11 1 154 241 , 34111154241

Material: metal

Color matching not necessary

Parts included:
-1 piece or a pair of brake rotor splash guards for BMW e30

Lead time: 2-3 days

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