BBS RS 151 mm aluminum waffle – 14″ 15″ 16″ waffle set

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BBS RS 151 mm aluminum waffle – 14″ 15″ 16″ waffle set

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BBS RS 151 mm aluminum waffle are great way to upgrade the looks of 14″, 15″ or 16″ RS series wheels. These wavy plates provides same design as original ones making your wheels look great. These are the center cap plates for the smaller sized wheels and hubcaps. Diameter of hub caps is 151mm making them suitable for 14″, 15″ and some of the 16″ wheels from BBS classic RS wheel series.

Compatible with:
-14″ style 5 4×100 wheels (also known as basketweaves, styl.5, Kreuzspeichen)
-some of the 14″ 15″ 16″ BBS RS wheels
-some of the BBS RZ wheels

Single parts compatible with BBS hubcaps:
09.24.038  waffle plate 09 24 038


Compatible with standard size BMW logo 70mm

Parts included: -waffle plate (1 or 4 pcs)

Material: aluminium

Color matching necessary

Possible to mix and match with original BMW / BBS parts

Lead time: 1-2 days

Compatible with list of BBS RS wheels
RS001, RS002, RS003, RS004, RS016, RS031, RS032, RS033, RS034, RS036, RS038, RS041, RS042, RS043, RS044, RS045, RS046, RS047, RS064, RS065, RS067, RS068, RS069, RS070, RS080, RS081, RS082, RS083, RS084, RS085, RS086, RS087, RS088, RS089, RS091, RS092, RS093, RS094, RS095, RS096, RS097, RS099, RS100, RS101, RS102, RS105, RS106, RS108, RS114, RS116, RS117, RS118, RS120, RS121, RS122, RS126, RS127, RS128, RS129, RS130, RS134, RS136, RS138, RS139, RS140, RS143, RS144, RS147, RS148, RS149, RS150, RS152, RS153, RS154, RS155, RS156, RS159, RS161, RS162, RS163, RS164, RS165, RS166, RS168, RS169, RS170, RS171, RS172, RS175, RS176, RS181, RS182, RS183, RS184, RS185, RS186, RS187, RS188, RS189, RS192, RS193, RS194, RS202, RS203, RS204, RS205, RS206, RS207, RS209, RS213, RS214, RS218, RS222, RS224, RS227, RS237, RS238, RS240, RS241, RS242, RS248, RS249, RS259, RS266, RS278, RS279, RS297, RS298, RS304, RS305, RS341

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2 reviews for BBS RS 151 mm aluminum waffle - 14" 15" 16" waffle set

  1. applicaple

    Received with thanks, great communication, super fast delivery!

  2. dave271083

    Happy with them and with some modifications will be perfect for my needs.

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